The new Sustainability:             RE G E N E RATION

Article written by Marie Stafford, from The Innovation Group part of J. Walter Thopmson Intellingence, a platform for global research, innovation and data analytics at J. Walter Thompson Company,

About this REPORT

“The New Sustainability” is a macro trend report that focuses on the future of sustainability across three pillars: environmental, economic and social. Our research comprised several methodologies and covered the period February to September 2018.

In addition to extensive desk research, it was conducted a quantitative survey using SONARTM, J. Walter Thompson’s proprietary online tool. In June 2018, it was surveyed 2,001 adults in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and China. It was recontacted a subsection of this sample in August 2018 to gain further insight.

For the purposes of clarity, within the report all statistics, unless otherwise stated, are reported for a combined total population from all four countries.

It was also conducted in-depth interviews with over 30 experts and thought leaders from around the world, across sectors including science and technology, fashion, food and drink, and brand strategy and marketing.

Please note that all data was correct and up to date at the time of writing in September 2018.

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